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Well, it’s my first day at my new job. I’m on my lunch break (from 12 to 1). I can stay in the office or go out, but the door gets locked, so I can’t come back in until 1. I brought a V8 for lunch, but the receptionist also brought in Einstein Bro’s bagels and cream cheese, so I’m still full from one of those.

So far my job consists of taking closed files and putting them into boxes, then labeling the boxes with a number and the names of the files. Then I add the names to a master computer list and type which box they’re in. That way people can actually find them.

Once I’m done with that, I’ll start sending letters to each client in the closed files telling them that, if they want their file, they had better come down here and get it; otherwise we’re shredding it. Then I’ll have to get the couple of important documents out of each file to save and put the rest in a container for shredding.

There’s a big room in the back of the office that just has files in rows all over the floor. Everyone seems very relieved that I’m here to do this. And it’s easy.

There are five attorneys (some of them work partly here, partly in the office in Pueblo), four legal assistants, and one receptionist. There is one part-time bookkeeper, who seemed very impressed that I brought in an already completed W4.

So far I’ve met three of the attorneys. One of the legal assistants has the day off. The main attorney seems to have a sense of humor. He is “bookaholic” as the receptionist says, and there are books stacked everywhere all over the office. There are also really cool pieces of artwork (some of them look like they’re very old) stacked against any empty walls.

At the moment, I have a laptop, which is very useful for carrying to the files and just typing in the people’s names off them. The IT guys are contractors who come in when we need something. They set me up with a login on the laptop, but I don’t have e-mail yet. They also neglected to put in the wireless network’s information into the laptop (although, it’s possible that there isn’t one). So when I’m reading to print out labels, I take the laptop to a little cubby way in the back by my room full of files and plug it into a network cable. Then I go to the lady’s desk who isn’t here today and print my labels.

I’m glad I got a pair of pants, because I’m mainly just wrestling with boxes and huge files on the floor today.

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  1. Molly Avatar

    Mmm, bagels…

  2. nana Avatar

    Slacks comfortable?

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