Things I Want

by Berck

People ask. Here goes:

A (smallish?) motorcycle tank bag (magnetic, probably?)
PockeTerm kit
Weller WLC100 Soldering Station
Nikon D90
House with a garage

Vinyl! Used in good shape, or new. Some suggestions: Any Led Zeppelin other than Coda or or the first self-titled album. Pink Floyd other than the Wall or a Momentary Lapse (I think DSOTM is still being pressed…). Velvet Underground. Joni Mitchell (other than Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter). Old stuff that’s maybe edgier than my Dad might have had that ought to be listened to on Vinyl. Or, better yet, new Indie bands with vinyl releases. I’ve got the new Arcade Fire, New Pornographer’s Electric Version and Together, and Low’s Songs for a Dead Pilot. Pretty much anything else. Deathcab, Magnetic Fields, Liz Phair, Matthew Sweet or maybe something I’ve never heard but might like.

Pizza rocker blade like this.

A nice magnifying glass, to be used with a microprint edition of the OED.

Warm, leather, thinsulate motorcycle gloves, size medium. Something like this.

Good book on home brewing? I have no idea which ones are better than others.

2 Responses to “Things I Want”

  1. Jonah Says:

    …or a pizza rocker.

  2. Berck Says:

    Yeah, that’d be good too.

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