Job Hunting

by Berck

I just applied at UPS. What an experience. I get the feeling I’m the closest thing to an english-speaker they’ve had apply in quite some time. The place was full of ugly Mexicans with bad hair cuts that spoke no english. A mexican lady interviewed me, but she spoke English so poorly, I had a hard time understanding her. I have to shave and buy brown leather shoes to work for them, not the end of the world I suppose. They mostly seemed worried about whether or not I had a criminal record. $8.50/hr, but I’m only garunteed 4hr/day, but I would suspect with Christmas coming up I’ll get that. Luckily I’m a driver helper as opposed to a package handler, which sounds a bit easier. I’m the sidekick i nthe big brown truck knocking on your door, isn’t that exciting? They said they said the driver would call me at 9:30am every morning to tell me how long I would need to work. They also said there’s a $100 bonus on the 24th if I show up on time to work everyday.

I’m not sure that that will pay quite enough, so I figure I’ll go down to a restaurant and see if I can be waiter as well. That’ll just be funny. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes me to get fired.

In other job news, I recieved five very nice rejection letters from people in the tech industry.. Not, surprisingly enough because I don’t have a degree, but because I have no work experience. Quote from one guy,

“Thanks for your email. Unfortunately, our clients require candidates to have at least two years of full-time, on-the-job experience (post school). I know it’s difficult to find a position without experience, and of course you can’t get experience without someone giving you a chance.”

My thoughts exactly.

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