Earliest Memory

by Jonah

The other day Diane Carr asked me what my earliest memory was.

I remember my 2nd birthday party. My mom made an intricate cake in the shape of a ladybug, with licorice strings for antennae and gumdrops for dots. A lot of people were invited, and we were going to have it outside, but a downpour forced us into the carport. I remember my mother placing the cake down on the coffee table, looking quite incongruous on the concrete floor. My bestest friend Cara Catlett was there beside me (her birthday was two days later than mine, and we usually celebrated together…I think she had a cake there too), and a highchair was set up with a baby in it (I’m pretty sure it was Rebecca Traylor).

This was what I considered my earliest memory. Until I realized another memory I had must have predated it.

This one also involved the coffee table (good toddler height). On it Mom had a plastic loaf of bread with scripture verse “fortunes” sticking out of it. I think it’s called a Daily Bread thing. It looked very much like a toy, and the papers sticking out of it intrigued me. So one day I pulled myself up and reached for it. But my mom rushed in at that moment with a very worried look on her face, yelling, “No no no!” The Daily Bread got moved to a taller location.

So I must have been younger than two, since that was the first time I had been able to reach the Daily Bread. And because I was unable to tell my mom what I wanted to: “You don’t understand. I’m not trying to destroy the plastic loaf of bread. I just wanted to get a better look at it. I wanted to examine the slips of paper and see what was written on them. There’s no call for alarm.”

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe you would have gone ahead and learned to read if
    I’d let you have the papers. I could just see them all soggy,
    and I probably had just finished arranging them facing the same way or
    something. Wow! Your hunger for the Word started early!

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