Berck’s Journey Day Two

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Just talked to Berck for about 45 minutes. He had much better cell reception tonight compared to last night. He’s at the Pomme de Terre State Park in Missouri at a nice campground by the lake, lot more bugs than last night. This morning the coyotes awoke the geese, and the geese woke up Berck and kept him awake, so he finally got up as soon as the sun came up.

He had a surprisingly good lunch at the Copper Kettle in Eureka, Kansas. He had a constant, brutal southeast headwind all day yesterday and today. The wind pushes against his helmet at hurts his jaw. But as soon as he neared the Missouri border, the wind died down and the road stopped being so straight and level, and he started enjoying the ride much more. He says he doesn’t know if Missouri is truly beautiful or it just seems that way after Kansas.

People are amazed that he’s driven all the way from Colorado on his little motorcycle.

At every gas stop, he’d check his grades. All but Calculus III have posted as of today, and he has A’s in everything!

He did 435 miles today. He’s been passed by numerous semis, school buses, even an RV. He did pass one vehicle today, though.

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