Stuffed Pizza Night

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Berck was practicing flying in the dark tonight, so I made pizza. I tried something new… Chicago style stuffed pizza. And it was really good! Even if I did forget to put the salt and the garlic and the pizza spices in. I made it in our cast iron frying pan.

Actual Fact: Reg Presley, the lead singer for The Troggs on their five million selling, 1966 hit “Wild Thing”, went on to become one of Britain’s premier UFO experts.

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  1.  Avatar

    Wow! That sounds amazing! Makes my mouth water.

  2. bish Avatar

    I had some Chicago-style pizza when I was in Ohio this week….at a place called “Uno Chicago Grill” in Dublin. It was fantastic. That was also the first time I had Killian’s. Very good as well (I got that because apparently very few places in Ohio stock Yuengling).


  3. Jonah Avatar

    Uno is great!

    I like Killian’s very much…except that it’s made by giant corporation Anheuser-Busch, which specializes in making bad beer.

  4. Nathan Avatar

    Geez, you sound like Berck.

  5. Jonah Avatar

    Well, if they were a huge company that made good beer, I’d be happy. But they’re a huge company that makes horrible beer, so when they get some competition from good beer companies, they make a passable beer to try to stay competitive.

    I wouldn’t feel as bad about drinking Anheuser-Busch except that they make a pretty good bock…that they sell ONLY in Texas…to compete with Shiner Bock. If they sold it all over the country it would be one thing. But they only sell their good beer in a place where they want to compete with a GOOD beer company.

  6. bish Avatar

    They do all that just to piss you off.


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