So lots of big news today…

by Jonah

A company here in Colorado Springs has bought the company my dad works for, and today he accepted the new company’s offer to work for them…here! So he and mom are coming out here mid July to look for a house. Of course, they now have TWO houses to sell because they bought Nathan and Stephanie’s when they moved to Seattle. So we’ll have to see what happens.

The other big news is that my boss walked into my cubby today and said that the girl that had been hired right before me had just given her two week notice so she can go back to school. Fortunately, I’ve done almost everything she’s done so far except answer the phones, so it will be pretty easy to move from my hole in my rubber room to the front office area. I’ve really enjoyed my job so far of organizing files, and my new job as one of the regular paralegals will be far more stressful. But it’s kind of a promotion. And as long as I don’t majorly screw up, it’s good job security. We’re going to see how it goes on if we need to hire a new person. I will be doing all of Steven’s dictation (there’s quite a lot) and be the paralegal for one full-time attorney and one part-time one, plus helping Steven’s paralegal with his busy work. It’s actually the job I initially applied for. Fortunately, I’m at a good stopping point with my file organization. The office manager doesn’t want to stop that process, but I don’t see how I’ll have time to do much of that with everything else I’ll be doing. Overall, it’s a good change, though, I think.

Here’s to new beginnings!

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  1. Ben Says:

    Congratulations! Sounds like a promotion to me.

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