Dirt Biking

by Jonah

Dirt Biking with Randy


One of Berck’s coworkers took us dirt biking today.  Here’s roughly the route we took out:

And here’s the route we took back:

Since this was my first time driving a motorcycle since (A) our motorcycle course (B) driving around the block after we got our bike, I thought I did really well.  I drove on both difficult trails and the highway for approximately 50 miles!    We got almost all the way to a road we were trying to get to in order to go home when we had to turn back because the road was closed ahead by the authorities because of a fire.  I can see why people love dirt biking.  It’s like hiking through beautiful terrain but a lot quicker.  At one point we were going through an especially difficult stretch with Randy leading.  When we got to where the picture is above, Randy told us excitedly, “You guys did fantastic!”

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