Another forest fire, another evacuation

by Jonah

This time Black Forest is on fire. The fire apparently started about half a mile from my parents’ house. They’ve evacuated along with my uncle and the pets and they’re all staying with us. One of those times that having a spare bedroom is nice!

Here’s a link to the local paper’s up to the minute coverage.

And here’s the evacuation map.  Mom and Dad’s house is in the southwest corner of the map.  So far the fire has been burning mostly west.

Berck left work this afternoon and helped them load up the cars.  He also grabbed the photo albums!

There’s another fire at Royal Gorge, so you can see two plumes of smoke from our house depending if you’re looking to the south or to the east.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be less hot (it almost got to 100 today in Colorado Springs) and a lot less windy.

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