Tuesday, May 3, 1994

Well, we had fun yesterday. Stephanie and I went over to Nathan’s house for the first time Monday afternoon. Eric and Carolyn came, too. It was neat to meet the rest of his family. His parents are really funny. They spent most of the time making Nathan embarrassed. His dad is a police officer who works in forensics and is on the bomb squad. They have guns lying everywhere around their house. We went out and shot a Glock, a couple of twelve gauges and another .33 handgun that I don’t know what it was.
We also shot Nathan’s dad’s replica Colt Navy revolver.

We watched Leslie Nelson _Bad Golf Made Easy_, _Victor Borge_, _Hudson Hawk_, and _Son in Law_ (Nasty, nasty, nasty…). For supper we had a turkey that Nathan’s dad had smoked that day. (He would say, “I got to go check on the turkey. No, not Nathan. The one in the smoker!”) Stephanie and I had picked blackberries that morning and made a cobbler, so we ate that after supper.

Nathan’s mom is really funny. She was talking about all the fools out on the road now a days and said, “Once this idiot in a van pulled out in front of me, and I felt like going, click, pow! pow! pow!” as she demonstrated, using her trigger finger.”

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