Screw you, Jason Jones

by Berck

On the very episode of the Daily Show that takes 60 minutes to task for not bothering to fact check their interviews, the Daily Show airs a segment that’s either demonstrative of their own laziness or ignores the facts of a situation in order to score comedic points.

The segment revolves around John Morse, who was recalled for supporting entirely sane legislation that required background checks for conceal carry permits and limited legal magazine capacity to 15 rounds. They interview John Morse, which was just fine. But then, Jason Jones wanders the streets of Denver and asks residents if they voted in the recall election. All but one say that they didn’t vote. Why didn’t they vote? BECAUSE THEY WEREN’T ELIGIBLE TO VOTE. John Morse’s district is a small subset of El Paso county, in Colorado Springs, and those are the only people who got to vote in the recall election. The dude who claimed to vote (for the recall) was probably lying, but it’s possible he was a Colorado Springs resident who just happened to be in Denver when Jason Jones was there. Denver is extremely liberal and makes up the majority of the people who supported the legislation, and exactly 0% of the people who were even eligble to vote for the recall.

So, screw you, Daily Show. Next time you want to make fun of my state, how about you actually take the time to get it right?

2 Responses to “Screw you, Jason Jones”

  1. Michael Tauer Says:

    You’re absolutely right. I saw the sketch and assumed that the people interviewed were eligible voters. Thanks for clearing that up. I expect better from Jason Jones. It is not as though there aren’t plenty of things worthy of being made fun of…

  2. Jonah Says:

    Eh, Jason Jones is Canadian. What does he know anyway.

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