Today is the first Christmas we’ve spent alone.  Unless you count Christmas ’07, whenBerck got the last flight from O’Hare to Colorado Springs, getting in late at night.  Berck has a bad cold, possibly the flu, and has been pitiful all day.  I made myself some cheese eggs and bacon for breakfast, making lots, fully expecting Berck to steal about half of it.  But he must really feel bad, because he only had one piece of bacon and a forkful of eggs.  For Christmas dinner we warmed up some breakfast burritos Berck got from a New Zealender who comes by his work and sells them.  Berck did brew a double batch of beer but then apparently  expected me to clean up from it.

It was nice to have a relaxing day at home, though.  We opened up presents in the morning, and I video chatted with Ben in Mobile and Mom and Dad who are visiting the Baileys in Seattle.  Berck and I went through a few plastic tubs of his dad’s that have been in storage in the garage, tossing a lot of it in the trash, keeping some of it, and putting some in a box to take to Goodwill.  The sort of things we found ranged from a dusty quarter of a roll of Tums (trash) to a set of surgical tools engraved with Dr. Kelsey’s initials (keep).

With as crazy as life has been lately, it was really nice to not have to do anything all day on a Wednesday.  And we get to have the same schedule next week.

Maybe Berck will be feeling better by then and we’ll even cook the duck I bought at the store yesterday.

Here’s one of the neighborhood deer watching Berck brew out on our deck today.  I think he may have won an argument with a hammock.

Hammock Deer

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