a watch, a calendar, and a sticky note

by Jonah

Well, Steph hit the phone in her room on accident, and it looked
a lot like a phone call, so I hung up. Then the phone didn’t ring.
Steph had asked me earlier if I were online, and I’d said yes. So I
yelled at her to see if she wanted to make a call. I had to yell loudly
because I’m downstairs and she’s upstairs and down the hall. “STEPH?!”

“Oh, Joanna! I’m so sorry!” her panicked voice came from upstairs, “I
didn’t mean to, I promise!”

“I know. Did you want to make a call?”

“Well, yeah?”

“Then go ahead.”

I stupidly told Bishop I’d go to a concert in P’cola this Monday when I
actually have class that night. Duh. I wrote him last night but wanted
to call him to apologize. I had class today till 7:30 and then came
home, ate supper, and then had Bible study with Denise, Steph, and Mom.
By the time that was over, it was 9:45, too late for me to call. Well,
it may not be too late, but I don’t call anyone after 9:30 on principle.
I was expressing my dismay at my scheduling problem this evening. Denise
goes, “I swear, you need to get yourself a watch and a calendar and a
sticky note to put on your FOREHEAD to remind you to look at both of them.”

Now mom is ragging me about feeding and watering my cat. “Did you get
any cat litter?” she asks me. “No, mom, I came straight home for Bible
study.” “Oh.”

Anyway, Denise suggested we get on maf to see if Bishop was on. I
nodded, and she dialed. Then she got on finally and started reading who
was on. “Paul’s on,” she said. I nodded. “And Berckums…”
“Berckums?!” She took too long reading her mail, so I made her move.
“Can you believe it?” she asked my mom, “knocked off the computer.”
“Just think of it,” I said, “as call waiting from the opposite direction.”

Steph is still on the phone, I guess. I’m sure with Nathan. They have
to talk every night, you know. And if I hadn’t let her talk, I’m sure he
would have called. In any case, she probably thinks I’m mad. Which is
fine with me because she’s been upset at me for the past couple of days.
Denise went upstairs and came back down a few minutes ago. “She still on
the phone?” I asked. “Yeah. You mad?” “Nah.”

I don’t know how I’m going to get everything done this semester. I
started the second semester of my junior year about as impassively as
possible. I’ve started my senior year bouncing off the walls. I guess
sleeping all summer helped. It also helps not having class till one
three days a week. That means I’ve been getting a good 9 hours at least
every other day.

I’m building a horse out of cardboard for my Three Dimensional Design
class. The instructor, Bertice, called from the other end of the room
yesterday during class, “Now that’s a horse!” Which means she likes it,
I think. She hasn’t yelled at anyone else’s sculpture. I’ve had to redo
almost every part of it, kind of like erasing, except with a knife and
tape. I redid the legs. Front two yesterday during class and back two
today on my own. It really looks good. I mean, it looks like a horse,
except that it’s way too skinny. I dunno if I’ll change it though. I
mean, I can add more cardboard to the sides and fatten him up, but the
thing about art is that it doesn’t HAVE to be an accurate
representation. I’m not sure what to do about the tail. The tail isn’t
a part of the horse for me. It’s just a bunch of hair at the end of his
butt. But I’m used to real horses, not pictures of them.

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