Well, I guess it’s official by now, so I can talk about it publically.

Our boss died on the first day of summer.  His work comp law firm is closing.  Three of the other attorneys in the firm decided to form a new firm.  (And one of our attorneys got appointed to be a judge!)  All of the paralegals who wanted to are coming onboard the new firm. Our last day in the old office building was today.  Our first day in our new offices is Monday. We’ve got internet, and hopefully, the phones will be up Tuesday.

We spent most of this week withdrawing from cases we’re not taking with us.  We’ve started filing Substitutions of Counsel (from John Smith of the law firm of Steven U. Mullens, P.C. to John Smith of the law firm of … I’m not going to put the new firm name here, because, if I do, this blog post will immediately become the number one Google hit for it).  It’s a huge pain.

The new law office is two exits south on the interstate from the old one, so it will add to Berck’s commute, who after dropping me off will have to head back to the north end of town to his office.

After we’re finished with the task of churning out all the Subs of Counsel, I think it will be good.  We’re actually going to be working in some unfinished office space until our new suite is built out, which will take 3 to 6 months.  It will be rough interesting.

I’ve been tasked with designing the new letterhead, business cards, and website.  I’ve got one and a half down.

I would be excited, but I’m just too exhausted.

I  think I’ll have a drink.


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