Career day, freaks, and things left unsaid

by Jonah

Mmmmm… Yawn. I’m a little tired. I stayed on last night after you left.
Bishop, who didn’t have school today, stumbled across me hibernating on
Legends, so we went back over to DS9 and chatted for a long while about life
and stuff. How come the really deep discussions come really late (or very
early)? Anyway, it started storming really big. My dad came upstairs to
unplug my computer, only to find me on it. That was not a pleasant scene. I
told him I was writing a paper, which I was. But he was upset, even though
he went back to bed, and it -was- really lightning a lot, so I said goodnight
to Bish and unplugged the computer. I’d still only written the first
paragraph of my paper. It was 4 a.m. by then. I went to bed, setting my
alarm for 5. Even though I’d been pumping myself with caffeine and sugar, I
went to sleep right away.

The alarm went off much too soon. I stumbled over to the computer and
plugged it back in. The storm was over. I wrote the rest of the paper very
quickly. The next thing I knew I had four pages, so I whipped up a closing
paragraph and put it on disk to take downstairs and print it out. All this
while watching the sky getting lighter and lighter and night turning into
day. I don’t see that very often.

I wanted to get to school early so that I could stick the paper in Allums’
door before he got there, considering that it was due on Friday. I got
dressed in the spaghetti dress, as Denise calls it, and found my shoes that
had been missing since the hole was cut in my closet (it’s still there). I
wore my newly trimmed hair down. It was odd getting to school so early in
the morning. I haven’t had eight o’clock classes since that was the only
time Greek was offered as a freshman. The parking lots were deserted.
Allums’ door was securely shut. Good, I thought. Then I drove over to the
Forestry Center Building where Career Day was going on. They were just
setting up, however, and wouldn’t start till nine, when my first class
started. Funny thing is, I walked in and there was Dr. Allums. I guess he
hadn’t checked his office yet, since there was stuff in the box on his door.
He had to be there since the dean of fine arts was in the hospital with eye
surgery. He seemed annoyed at having to waste time standing around
representing whatever he was there to represent, although Dr. Allums is the
easy going type and doesn’t show annoyance very often. I stood around and
talked with him for a long time about philosophy and just.. stuff… we even
talked about Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I drank a cup of coffee on
top of the green tea I had on the way to school. Kilroy rolled in, and I
exchanged pleasantries with him. Then it was time to head to class.

Everyone who knew me was surprised to see me dressed up, since I always wear
jeans and a t-shirt. Dick caught sight of me and grinned. “Hey… Jonah!”
He’s always telling me I should get my hair cut and wear more feminine
clothes and stuff. Dr. Schaefer saw me, did a double take, and said, “I
won’t even ask.” I tried to talk to Paul after class, but I wasn’t making
much sense. I mentioned that when I didn’t sleep, I thought. He mentioned
that that was dangerous.

As I walked across the quad to get to psych class late again, I passed the
freak. “Career Day. Forrestry Center. I’m going at noon,” I yelled out to
him. “What?” he asked, “Is that an invitation?” I shrugged, walking
backwards and yelled back, “Sure. Be right there at noon.”

Somehow I stayed awake in psych class, although I had a really hard time
listening. I didn’t take many notes. Larry was waiting for me when I got
back to the fine arts building. “You gonna walk?” he asked. I laughed and
led him to my car. I had to move a bunch of junk out of the way for him to
sit down. “I’d hate to see your room,” he remarked. “Want a piece of gum?”
By the time we got to the forestry center, career day was over. It ran from
9-12, right when I have classes. I didn’t really mind. I was too out of it
to really care. As the freak and I drove back, he asked, “You wanna get
something to eat? You wanna go over to the library?” “And do what?” “Talk?
Maybe that’s not such a good idea. Wanna watch a movie?” I was silent.
“You wanna go home, don’t you,” he said. I nodded and dropped him off at
the cafeteria.

I dunno. I’m kinda getting used to the guy. The more I’m around him, the
more I like him. I feel sort of comfortable with him. I’m not trying to
impress him. I only say what I think, not what I want him to hear, because I
don’t care what he thinks. He’s certainly different from everyone else at

I came home and went to bed. I didn’t even eat.

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