I was driving home from work today through the Broadmoor area, which is the nicest part of town. Construction on my exit on the Interstate was finally completed, but then construction started on Highway 24 through the city.  So it’s still much more pleasant (and possibly faster) to drive through the Broadmoor.

I took a right on 3rd to take my shortcut over to Cresta and noticed a critter in someone’s front yard.  At first I thought, “Why would that giant black dog be wandering around loose?”

And then I realized it was not a dog.

The little bear turned her head to glance at me as she continued to walk on her way away from the road.  I’m guessing she was female because she was small, but I really have no way of knowing for sure.  Her shiny black eyes mirrored her sleek black fur.  Our gaze met for only a moment as I marveled at how beautiful she was.  Then we passed and each kept going, me on my way home and she, most likely, to the next available trash can.

I’m guessing the secret to her gorgeous coat is the high quality garbage in the Broadmoor.

3 responses to “3rd Street”

  1. Pepe Avatar

    Dos mujeres un camino!

  2.  Avatar

    pic or it didn’t happen. Also, as a faithful blog subscriber, may I request that the email format shows the author like the website does? I can usually tell who it is, but it’s nice to know before I start reading.

  3. Jonah Avatar

    Heh, I certainly thought about taking a picture, but I knew all that would come out was a blurry black blob, and I could say, “It’s a bear! I swear!”

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