Well, lab was fun today. Chris Hyatt and Adam Krill (or whatever) were
cutting up. Chris wrote an acronym for LAB — Long And Boring. Then Delaine
Jenkins (I think that’s her name) wrote a poem about Dr. Bilbo. It was
hilarious. But she made us give it back. Needless to say, if Dr. Bilbo had
gotten ahold of it, somebody would have been in trouble. Chris was flipping
rulers at people while Dr. Berry was writing on the board. Adam would answer
the questions by looking at my worksheet which was a bad idea because I was
wrong a couple of times. Two hours goes by quicker when you’re having fun.
or something…

Well, today was my first rehearsal for Snow White. Christabel, my
character, has all of 6 lines, 4 of which are spoken with everyone else.
And she’s double cast! Oh well. Stephen has 1 line. Incidently, all of our
lines are in the same scene.

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