I love Andrew, but he’s full of shit. It’s one of his many endearing qualities. I don’t believe anything anyone says, but when Andrew says something, I especially don’t believe it.

In some ways, this isn’t fair. He probably spouts truth at a rate that far exceeds the general population, but I also don’t talk to the general population. Many of them voted for Trump. I can’t imagine that Andrew is organized enough to vote, but if he were, he wouldn’t vote for Trump.

Last year, I bought a Formula Vee, and Andrew, who is one of the people that is privileged enough to be able to see my position on Google Maps whenever he likes, asked why I was in Denver. When I told him it was to buy yet another car, he told me about fleet registration.

I went so far as to look it up in the Colorado Code of Regulations (also known as Creedence Clearwater Revival) and found that there is, in fact, a provision that allows the owners of fleets to register them all at once. There are two sorts of fleets, according to CCR. One requires that you get fleet plates, and the other allows for bathrooms on the right.

I dutifully filled out form DR 2194 and then found a mailing address that seemed vaguely appropriate and sent it off. The form is the least promising of government forms that I’ve ever seen. It does not appear to require much information at all, and there was no information in CCR 204-10 RULE 5 about what would happen after I filled it out. I expected nothing to happen, but dutifully checked the mail whenever Jonah deigned to bring it inside… just in case.

Today, this appeared in the mail!

My form 2194 mailed back to me in a hand-addessed envelope, but with the “Department Use Only” block in the lower right-hand corner filled out.

I have no idea what’s next, but it’s Car Girl’s move.

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