Plan B

by Berck

Okay so far here’s how it is:

1) I have an internship offer from Americans for Tax Reform in Washington,
D.C. Pays $100 a week.

2) I got a messge last night while I was out to call my former employer Dr.
Yearwood. He called me this morning to tell me to contact Ken Myers in

And this stupid computer just decided to freeze up so that everything I wrote
after this disappeared when I had no choice but to restart it. So right now
I’m seriously considering becoming a Nihilist and destroying all technology
except for my piano.

Mom woke me up late this morning (I’d been up all night downloading stuff
about the Department of Education) with Dr. Yearwood on the phone and stalled
him to give me time to become fully conscious. When she finally handed me
the phone, Dr. Yearwood told me he’d had a long converasation yesterday with
Ken Myers, a guy in Charlottesville, VA who puts out the Mars Hill tapes.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, these tapes are sort of an
audio magazine very much like National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered”
but coming from more of a Christian world view. I’ve been very impressed
with the couple of tapes I’ve heard from our subscription. There are 3500
subscribers, who get a tape every couple of months. Dr. Yearwood told me to
call Ken Myers this morning about an internship with them this summer.

Ken Myers said that of the three full time workers, two were leaving Mars
Hill this summer. This is at the same time that they’re moving from outside
of Charlottesville to the town itself. He’s got one intern, a seminary
student, already lined up for the summer. If I were to come on, I’d do a
variety of stuff including research. I didn’t tell him I could get lost in a
library and never emerge. “We’d have to find a place for you to live,” he
kept saying.

Evidently, Dr. Yearwood had pretty much sold him on me, because Ken Myers
kept trying to sell me on Charlottesville. He said it’s near the mountains,
so there are opportunities for outdoor activities. The University of
Virginia is there, and he mentioned a guy who wrote some works on Catholic
ethics and has been commissioned by the Vatican to do a biography on the
Pope. “I know a missionary to India,” he said when I told him about my offer
from ATR, “who said he’d rather spend August in New Deli than D.C.” When he
asked if I’d had any summer jobs I mentioned Wings Like Eagles with the “A
horsback riding program for kids with special needs” description. To which
he responded by saying that there are lots of horses in Charlottesville.

He asked me what my hobbies were. I told him reading (when I get the
chance), the internet, and playing the piano. He asked what I would read if
I had the time. “Right now C. S. Lewis’ _The Great Divorce_,” I answered.
“I want to make a radio drama out of that,” he said, “along with the Space
Trilogy, especially _That Hideous Strength_.” He also asked about my plan
for graduate school. “My professors have told me, ‘You are going to graduate
school, you know,’ so I guess I don’t have a choice. I have the possibiltity
of going to law school, but I’d almost rather be a career student.” He
laughed and said that he was one.

He said he’d talk to a couple of his board of directors and get back to me
early next week. So with Dr. Yearwood, Ken Myers, and me, that makes three
of us who are excited.

I added some philosophical observations and even a slice of poetry to the end
of this before my computer decided to rebel, but I don’t feel like conjuring
them up again.

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