We stop shaking hands.  (This was always a huge disease spreader for things like the common cold.)

We work from home more.

We go on fewer business trips.

We treat medical professionals, grocery store workers, delivery drivers, and truckers like heroes.

We make more home cooked meals.

We garden more.

We do things that are inconvenient for ourselves to try to protect the most vulnerable among us.

We reach out to our friends and loved ones more, even if we can’t do it in person.

There are more science stories on social media.

Dogs get to go on more walks.

Parents are more involved in their children’s education. 

There are fewer people in movie theaters and more people reading books.

There are fewer people watching sports and more people playing board games together.

“Stay safe” replaces “Have a good one”.

No paywalls for important news.

The feeling that we’re all in this together.

Delivery cocktails.

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