Pocket order

by Jonah

I’m very tired. Exhausted even. And I have to get up in the morning at some
ungodly hour to be at school at seven so I can pick up a bunch of people who
may or may not be there so they can all pile in my van so I can take them to
Jackson, Mississippi so we can visit an exhibition of Russian royalty
artifacts. The guy who has the information on it hasn’t called me back, so I
don’t know where I’m going, nor do I have the money to get there.

But if I don’t hear from him, I suppose we’ll wing it.

Other than that, today has been a great day. I’m still kind of on a high
from accepting an internship offer yesterday for the summer in
Charlottesville, Virginia. On top of that last night, I had to finish my
Greek translations for the week. Then I got a call about eight from a one of
the theater people in my Shakespeare class. They were doing some scenes from
the pen of the bard instead of writing a paper, and one of them got sick. So
in addition to Greek, I was going over a scene from Much Ado About Nothing in
preparation for reading it in the performance.

With that backdrop, I woke up today in Greek class when my other classmate
bounced in the room shouting, “Good morning!” It was actually pretty amusing
to see him bounce in, since he probably weighs 300 plus pounds. “Shut up,” I
muttered. He laughed uproarously. I guess he got me back for doing the same
thing to him on Wednesday. I’d meant to annoy him, but he said it actually
lifted his spirits. Some people are just weird.

Friday is quiz day in Greek, and I hadn’t gotten a high score of 5 yet this
semester. But for once, I’d finished my translation and studied in the car
on the way to class. The quiz was actually pretty easy. I remembered all
the words and yelled “Yes!” after we checked them.

Later, met the theater people in the auditorium where we were to meet. A
bunch of Dr. Allum’s freshmen, to whom he had promised extra credit if they
showed up, came in and sat down. I went up for the final scene and read my
part… almost flawlessly. I mean, I did good.

The only thing I can figure out is that, for some reason, I put my Zippo
lighter in my right pocket this morning and my keys in my left. I always put
them in the other pocket than they were in today. But my whole day was
great, so maybe I should start keeping them that way.

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