I had another visit to the Lynn Institute today. This time was just to give them some blood, two and a half vials, which is apparently all my vein wanted give up, according to my phlebotomist Angelica.

My study administrator told me she had some very interesting news. She said she would know more on Friday but she had heard it on good authority that our vaccine trial was going to be phased into a crossover study, meaning that we would be receiving two injections of whatever we hadn’t received the first time around. So if I got the real vaccine, I’d be injected with two shots of the placebo. But more importantly, if I’d received the placebo, I’d get the real thing. She said she thought this would happen around the end of April. Since the timeline of me getting a vaccine through normal procedures means I might not get one until summer or even fall, that’s pretty darn good news!

Also, Novavax’s previous trial showed nearly 90% efficacy, which is really, really good!

And now I have a correction to post about a previous blog entry. Another member of this household has also entered into the Novavax trial, and I was informed that it turns out the syringe I was injected with was covered in sparkly blue tape. The stuff inside is clear. So no protomolecule for me after all.

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    Fingers crossed!

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