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The governor has announced that everyone in the state is eligible to get a vaccine as of Friday.

On the other hand, we have appointments to receive our third injections in the Novavax crossover trial in three/four weeks.

Do we abandon the trial and get some real shots? (The Lynn Institute instructed us to let them know if we had the opportunity to get an approved vaccine, and they would un-blind us to let us know if we are already full vaccinated or not.)

Or do we stick to the schedule? I put myself on a waiting list for a vaccine the other day because I figured I qualified under two or three qualifications under tier 1B.4. But I didn’t get a notification for an appointment.

I wonder how long it would take to get a notification for a vaccine appointment being in tier 1B.4. It seems like I might get an appointment before the general populace, which can start trying to get an appointment in three days. Would that be before my next Novavax appointment on April 26 at 9 a.m.?

When I signed up for the Novavax trial, it seemed like a good way to cut in line. I either got a vaccine months early or I qualified to be in tier 1B.4, one step ahead of everyone else. And it made me look like a hero! It didn’t seem like a hard decision.

Also, science!

But now that it comes down to it, I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing for a year and two weeks now. I could keep doing it for four more weeks and help scientists who are developing a highly effective and easily storable/transportable vaccine and help protect the world.

Or I could take my place in line, rightfully so according to the state, and get a “real” vaccine (which I might or might not actually be able get in the next four weeks anyway). And I could give up my status as a hero, as little as my part to play is.

So I took myself off the wait list.


Of course, I might have been fully vaccinated since January.

(Berck will tell you this is not a hard decision.)

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