obligatory band-aid shot

I received my third Novavax injection two days ago. The last couple times I’ve been at the Lynn Institute, the staff has had a hard time coaxing blood out of my arm for testing. The last time I was there, Angel tried and gave up, then Max tried, and then they went and got Bobbie, and Bobbie had success. So this time I was chugging fluids all day. I kept my coat on in the clinic too, to try to keep my arm warm. And Angel got lots of blood from me first try!

Then the doctor (one I hadn’t seen before) gave me a physical and said my blood pressure was too high. But not too high to get boosted.

Bobbie excitedly showed me the syringe, with no tape around it this time. “Look! It’s not blinded! You can actually see it! It looks like water, but it’s in there.” She gave me a quick injection, which I hardly felt.

I entered my current symptoms into the app on my phone that night after taking my temperature, which was completely normal. I said my arm didn’t hurt at all, which it didn’t. Then I lay down in bed, and my arm immediately started hurting.

The next day my arm hurt pretty good but not as much as my flu shot in November. I developed what looked like a bug bite at the injection site. Here’s a blurry picture I took.

blurry injection site

Other than the sore arm, which only really hurt if if I moved it, I felt fine all day. That is, until around 8pm in the evening. My whole torso felt sore, from my neck, shoulders, down to my lower back, and suddenly I felt really fatigued. That’s why I didn’t bother trying to take another photo of my arm. Here I am very mopey with a cat atop me.

feeling awfully mopey

Today, two days later after the injection, I feel perfectly fine. My arm feels a little bit of soreness. My upper arm is a little swollen, but the bump is going down. I have to measure it for the app. The bump is 2 millimetres wide, I think.

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