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I’m going to Virginia. My sister is heading out for Colorado. Ben is
leaving for Singapore. It will be a long time till our family is together

Hmm.. mom is talking to dad on the phone about Ben’s flight to Singapore.
He’s going to have to find his way through LAX, the Los Angeles airport.
Reality check.

Ken Myers called me today. I was supposed to call him this week, but we
hadn’t decided exactly where I was going to stay on the way up to VA. He
told me that I’ll be staying with a family in Powatan, VA, about 20 miles
from Richmond and 60 from Charlottesville. His studio is evidently in his
house in Powatan and the office in Charlottesville. They’re going to move
the studio up to Charlotteville sometime at the end of the summer after I’m
gone, I think. I’ll be living with a couple who has grown children. I asked
about my mouse. He said that they have a cat, but said that since I’ll be
working with him, my rodent could stay at his house. “The kids will love
it,” he said, “We have dogs and cats and rabbits and whatever turtles wander
up. What’s your mouse’s name?”

I also asked if the couple I’d be staying with have a piano. He said he
didn’t know but his house had one. “And,” he added, “I want you to know that
I consider members of the staff to part of the family, so it’s not unusual
for them to stay for supper or watch movies afterward with us.”

I’ll be working with him and driving to Charlottesville once a week or so, he
said. “I might get you to do some audio editting.” He asked what kind of
comptuer I had. Macintoshes, I told him. They use Macs too. “There’s a
tutorial on ours, but I suppose you won’t need it.”

If this is all the case, I have no idea what sort of modem access I’ll have.
It may be only once a week, and I may not have time even then.

In the meantime, I need to get my glasses, which lost a piece, fixed, my car
tuned up and get my watch fixed if possible.

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