In Charlotte, NC

by Jonah

I’m here… safe and sound. Heh.. more or less…

It rained almost all the way to the Georgia line. Downpour most of it. I’m
glad I didn’t wash my car beforehand. Even though I don’t believe in air
conditioning (just a conspiracy of freon manufacturers), I used it on
Stalin’s behalf. But while it rained, I didn’t have to use it, so that was

I stopped four times. Twice to fill up the car and twice to empty me. Got
here in Charlotte, NC in about nine hours.

The car seems to have held up quite well. But then if it wasn’t doing well,
I suppose I wouldn’t have a clue till it went out on me anyway. I’ve been
pumped with questions here at the Tablers about my major and where I live.
Good thing too. I can’t seem to hold up one end of a conversation even if
it has a handle on it.

I’ll leave tomorrow morning sometime for Virginia. Craig showed me a back
way he goes to Richmond. I’m going to take it.

In the interest of making this form letter more personal, I’ve included
several personal messages. Find yours and feel yourself being held in

Nathan: Thanks for checking my fluid.
Bishop: Your stupid
Berck: I am now convinced that oldies are inherantly evil.
Paul: I don’t have anything to tell you but thought I’d include you anyway.

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