Subject is 10 year old orange striped feline with white chest and feet, colloquially known as a One Orange Brain Cell. Name: Professor Linus Erwin von Neumann. Objective: document if subject actually drinks from the electric water fountain gifted to him by his temporary caregiver.

Subject has been gifted numerous items by his temporary caregiver over time: toys, controlled substances (i.e. catnip), a bowl shaped bed.

Numerous attempts were made to find evidence subject was using said water fountain. Water in fountain was replenished, though it is unknown if it were being drunk or simply evaporating.

On 2022/12/26 10:29 MST subject was observed lapping at water fountain.

Positive confirmation of identity of subject was determined.

At 10:30 MST subject walked away from fountain. Contact was discontinued.

2022/12/26 SCI

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