Novavax trial end

by Jonah

This week marked the end of my involvement in the Novavax vaccine trial. I had enrolled two years ago and had gone into the trial clinic every few months (and every time I came down with a cold) for them to collect my fluids, and five times for them to inject me with their fluids. Each time they loaded up a prepaid debit card with some money. And then I did finally catch Covid, a month before my two years was up.

I was supposed to take my temperature every day and input it in an app on my phone. I wasn’t so good about that, and I’d get a phone call if I’d gone a while without doing it. If I got sick, I had to answer a whole lot more questions. So I don’t have to do it anymore.

My contact at the trial asked if I’d be interested in participating in other trials. I said sure.

Here’s me after them taking my precious, precious blood one last time.

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