I dreamed last night that a Checkers hamburger joint opened up in Divide on Cedar Mountain road. This is, of course, preposterous, because we’re too far north for it to be a Checkers; it would have to be a Rally Burger. I ordered a Checker burger, seasoned fries, and a banana shake, and then Berck started cursing because the total was $18, and I was dismayed because there were children in the restaurant.

The closest retail establishment to our house is in reality a Pepsi vending machine, which is at the campground that is full all summer of people who are trying to get away from it all, that we pass on our drive to our house.

But now I want some fries the way Checkers batters them. Berck tried to make them in his deep fryer once, but the breading all came off and made a huge mess in the fryer.

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