I went down to the Sanger (or however it’s spelled) theater this
afternoon. I tried the back door but it wouldn’t open. I walked around to
the side and saw Stephen walking toward me. “Am I glad to see you!” he said.
He couldn’t find anyone who knew anything about anybody that had anything to
do with the play. So we walked around the block trying to get in. Finally we
found an open door. No one was inside except some sweaty construction workers
cutting carpet on the stage. I found a phone and called the theater
department and found out that the bus full of people had just
left. So Stephen and I just sat in a couple of box seats until finally another girl
walked in. Then we went outside and waited by the door to the costume
building. A couple of other people showed up, and then the van came. After
that we all went upstairs to find costumes. I didn’t get mine until everyone
else was ready to leave. It’s a gaudy yellow dress for the procession which
I’m in when I’m not a dwarf. Stephen got his about that time as well. We had
to wait quite a while before anyone was free to help us.

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