Power Off Stall

by Berck

Here’s a little video of my student practicing a power off stall and recovery. While you can’t hear me talking, you can hear the engine and the stall warning horn. She starts off in landing configuration in a stabilized descent at our nomal approach speed of 65 knots, and the power at idle. She then pulls the nose just over the horizon and waits for a stall, which is all fine and good. To recover, she reduces the angle of attack and applies full power. She needs to apply some rudder to counteract the torque and P-factor as she applies power, but does not. The nose lurches off to the left as a result. What you can’t see is that she improperly tosses the stick full right instead of adding right rudder. In a more powerful, less forgiving airplane, we might have found ourselves inverted or close to it, but this plane is entirely too docile, as you can see.

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