See what I mean?

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And we just now had this conversation, too.

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  1. Stephanie Avatar

    Maybe you guys need to cut back on the liquor!

  2. Jen Meller Avatar
    Jen Meller

    I think something happens to men when they get married. Spirit isn’t good at remembering, but yet he doesn’t like to be reminded. Go figure . . . :P

  3. Nathan Avatar

    We get tired. Give us a break.

  4. Jonah Avatar

    I wouldn’t mind the forgetfulness so much if you’d just own up to it, instead of making it my fault

    “Men have selective memories,” says somebody. And I can understand forgetting something that you don’t want to remember. Like Berck forgetting that, each week, I have a meeting on Tuesday evening.

    He calls me around 5pm. “Are you coming home?”

    “No, I have a meeting tonight, remember? I have a meeting every Tuesday night.”

    “You didn’t say anything about having a meeting tonight!”

    “I told you last week, and I told you last night.”

    “You never told me you were having a meeting!”

    The weekly meetings have shifted to Monday nights. I have to remember to tell Berck the night before, send him an e-mail during the day, and remind him when he calls to say he’s going home. Otherwise, I “never told” him.

  5. nana Avatar

    I have forgotten standing appointments of my own.
    When we lived in Durham, I joined the church choir… then
    promptly forgot choir rehearsal two out of the first three weeks!
    Doesn’t seem to make much difference
    how old we are.
    And….. men and women’s brains are SOOOOO different!

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