by Berck

So, last week I had a bit of an incident on landing… Everything was looking fine, and the student decided at the last minute to just jerk back on the stick, for unexplained reasons. This put us in a nose-high stall attitude about 10 feet over the grass on the right side of the runway in a left bank. I took control of the aircraft and added full power, hoping to keep the nose up so that we wouldn’t hit the prop. What I didn’t consider was the possibility of dragging the left wingtip. Until I heard a scraping noise. This isn’t such a common occurence on most aircraft, but the DA20 supposedly only needs something like 13 degrees of bank for a wingtip strike because it sits so low to the ground. I wasn’t the first, and I probably won’t be the last either.

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  1. Nathan Says:

    Ghost in the machine!

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