Berck- I guess if you’re getting this I got your e-mail right. Thats good, since I spent time typing all this crap. Its 11 so I figure you’ll get on in a couple of hours and right me back. So my big brother is finally in college? Can’t believe it! AOL is crap, you can’t even use TAB to indent on e-mails. Too bad I haven’t gotten IE to e-mail correctly yet, I’m working on it. I’m also working on the network, with Dad. (I’m sure this is the LAST thing you want to hear about) But anyway, I figured we better work on it so we could both print and numerous other problems. First of all, Dad decided we needed to be sure of how the network ran. He was convinced that the way he had it figured out was right. Of course, while working on this I find the little labels you put on the cables. Dad wouldn’t believe that you could possibly be right! So anyway, I spent 2 or 3 days proving that you were, infact, right! :) We’ve done some tests and crap and were gonna try to replace the network card as soon as dad gets around to finding one. Kelsey said something about you hooking up the computer in the science lab?!? I never know if there is one bit of truth in Kelsey’s stories. If he doesn’t shut up about cars this and cars that I ‘m gonna hit him over the head with a 2×4! (THis is what dad always siad kels would do to you) Its nice having the upstairs to myself, not that I ever heard much from yuo anyway. Spots sleeping on my bed at the moment. He got his first taste of the huge, exciting world of the outside. (gasp!!!) Mom and I took him out, he spent almost the whole time under the deck. (Don’t ask me!?!) He followed us out again later and zoom-off to under the deck. He’s crazy, but atleast he’s feeling better. So you have finally entered the wonderful world of independence. Lucky you. Have you made any friends? Of course you are lucky since you already have friends, both older!! Do you feeel young since everyone is older than you? (Is everyone older than you) And you have real classes. Whoa!!! And I get to be stuck here with a bunch of nincompoops. That really is a classy word. Along with doofus. God I hate school, but man is ausome being on top of da school! and next year I get to be a fish. What a wonder ful thing to look forward too. I’m sure this letter has probably by now bored the crap out of you. (I’m actually half suprised your still reading!) But I have nothing better to do. You can stop reading now if ya want I’m sure I half nothing important to tell you, but since I have nothing better to do, I think I’ll keep on talking. Thats all I ever do anyway, but atleast now you can understand me. ;) I’m really running out of things to talk about. do you talk to Noell? She was chatt’n with Kelsey tonight online. Much to your disdain I’m sure, I read the Rainmaker. It wasn’t bad, just a page turner. Learned alot about the legal system. Saw the movie. Sucked. Except for Matt Damon(but his southern accent was way over done) Well, since I’ve run out of things to talk meaning lessly about, I think I’ll end this letter. I doubt you care about anyof this crap, since you never did before. I’ll tell spot hi, sinc eI’m sure he’ll understand. (Mom’s convinced he’s reading the newspaper-what’ll she ocme up with next?) Well, c-ya around, e-mail me back about any meaningless crap you wish. Buh bye my dearest brother. syd-its a good thing I learned to type or else it would be 3 in the morning!

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  1. Kelsey Avatar

    I think I missed a whole lot. A WHOLE lot. I regret not getting to know my sibs more when I lived with them. Thank you guys for making posts like this available to me. I have truly enjoyed catching up on all of those years when I had my head up my ass. I am so glad that now I’ve been able to spend quality time with my sibs- and enjoyed it immensely. Thank god for New York and the internet. I can’t wait for Berck to return to New York!

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