Time for some search phrases…

by Berck

With my site being down for a month, my pagerank slipped from 4/10 to 1/10, so I don’t get as many hits anymore.

The 2006 Year Round Winner:

Beef Wellington was our #1 search phrase in 2006, with 103 hits.

12-201-121-177.client.mchsi.com was our #1 visitor for 2006, with 10,752 hits and 1018MB of bandwidth. Yes, Sarah, that’s you!

75% of our traffic went to Windows users, sad, but 15%.8 was linux, though I suppose most of that was probably… me. Macintosh came in third with 5.6%, BeOS 4th with 0.2%, then AmigaOS with 97 hits (you’ve gotta be kidding me!), a few WebTV hits, and even 2 Solaris hits.

But IE only accounted for 55.5% of our browser usage. Firefox at 35.4%, Safire, then NetNewWire (but that’s probably all DWP). Even 82 hits from lynx, but I’m guess that was probably me.

Our most popular time of viewing is from 1900-2000 Mountain Time, followed by 2000-2100.

Names have been popular lately…. If we’ve ever mentioned a name, someone searched for them and found them on our dumb blog.

But, mostly the ever-constant stream of nonsense. So many of them are so far from actual searches, they seem closer to random grafiti.

looking for song played while on hold with comcast
natalie portman and bra size
tomorrow comes jonah dalhart
i flunked my chemistry 101 midterm
odfjell babor cab
why is virginia for lovers
how to make someone pass out
does shiner sell beer in oklahoma?
how to send lougage in advance
bremer grappa glasses
horizontal book chart of jonah
sarah brenner texas
peppermint costume on martha stewart
weird european drunks get naked
driving naked i-65
lichtenstein shower curtain
is this peter fucking frampton?
choctaw apple recipie
this untamed fire of freedom bremer
sarah brenner blog
mobile college magnoli
meltdown bowl of meth
over-sized chairs norman oklahoma
odd and off the wall pictures and dumb stuff
who is the disenchanted idealist in othello?
i said what about breakfast at tiffiny s
how would you explain the operations of primacy and recency in students perceptions of instructors and opposite?
ups truck driving with open door
far out dumb shit
what clothes do they wereni poland
hidden camera in bathrooms for watching sisters taking bath
dumptruck work in va when it rains
how to build reverse bungee jumps school project
“answer there was a plane crash in the countryside. the plane was a small two-seater cessna 152 with only 3 people on board.. the plane crashed early this afternoon. search and rescue workers have recovered 300 bodies so far and expect that number to climb as digging continues into the evening. how is this possible and where did the plane crash.”
describe a wood fence which looks like crap
lake arrowhead dog barking constantly
good comeback insulting social situation
is sour cream okay to feed my cat
very pregnant teenagers wearing a diaper
want to sell house because neighbor smokes
what make s stones how do we wee them?
moab good cynthia. attached parenting
you got any boxes
sri lanka used wet panties
how to say house in izzle language

3 Responses to “Time for some search phrases…”

  1. Syd Says:

    I find it interesting the number of people who search in question form.

    What the hell is AmigaOS?

    I’m sure much of that linux is me! After all, I used linux primarily for 2/3 of 2006.

    Also, there is something very bizarre going on with WordPress’ comment system and my browser. I’d try to explain, but I think it’s beyond explanation. Suffice it to say, it’s almost impossible for me to write a comment right now. I can’t see what I’m writing.

    Also, it says there’s a comment on this entry already, but it doesn’t show up.

  2. Nathan Says:

    That’s because WordPress isn’t as advanced and functional as Drupal, but Berck won’t admit it.

  3. Berck Says:

    What the heck are you talking about? Send me a screenshot? What browser?

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