Because Nathan asked for it….

by Berck

Gore. Unmitigated, uncensored, unjustiable, unnecessary gore. Click if you dare.


6 Responses to “Because Nathan asked for it….”

  1. nana Says:

    What happened? What’d you do? That must have hurt a lot!

  2. Berck Says:

    I cut an onion. Almost in half. Almost, because my finger got in the way.

  3. Syd Says:

    I had to listen to Mom yelling about you posting the picture of the nail for like 15 minutes. She was like “was it actually HIS nail? did he say anything about it? I can’t look!”

  4. Nathan Says:

    Your mom may have a point…

    I notice we haven’t heard from Joanna since he posted the pic. Very suspicious.

  5. Berck Says:

    Well, she yelled at me as well. And made me call Dad. I mean, she never reads the blog. Never.

  6. Jonah Says:

    Yeah, I’ve been too busy feeding him Tylenol, buying him bandages (“I can’t go in the store like this! Not without covering it up!”), giving him reasons to soak his finger, and cleaning up all the dried drips of blood all over the kitchen… the cabinets, the floor, the counter, the wall by the trash can, the fridge…

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