by Berck

Berck: Were you listening to Ani?

Jonah: Yes.

Berck: You can’t will your *censored* *censored*?

Jonah: No!

Berck: I love you.

Jonah: Go find a concubine.

Berck: Really?

Jonah: Yes.

Berck: Where?


Berck: Canadian Concubines?

Jonah: No! That’s ca. China.

Berck: I don’t want a short concubine.

Jonah: The tallest woman is from China.

Berck: I don’t want a tall woman with slanty eyes!

Jonah: Then look at No, that’d be expensive. Find one on, they’ll be free.

Berck: Will you be my concubine?

Jonah: No! I’m your wife! I can’t be your concubine.

Berck: You don’t love me.

Jonah: That’s because I’m cold. I think Homer Mackenzie will be your concubine.

Berck: That’s okay with you?

Jonah: Yes. Go check out and then tell me all about it.

Berck: Okay.

2 Responses to “Concubine!”

  1. Nathan Says:

    I don’t even know which fark cliche to use here.

  2. Jonah Says:

    I should add that I was trying to sleep, and Berck was jumping up and down on me. The first few times it worked to tell him that his IM sound had just rung and he’d missed it. He would go running to his computer. But he rarely falls for that anymore, so I had to think of something else that would keep him busy.

    Whenever one of us says something absurd, sometimes the other tries to shame him by threatening to post it on the blog. I told Berck that he’d better post it right then so that it would be up all night before I could erase it. Somehow that worked, and I was able to fall asleep for a few minutes.

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