by Jonah

Did you know there’s an Olympic event called the “heptathlon”? Well, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Intelligencer?) thinks there is. They printed a piece on my bosses’ son Eli’s teammate Sheila, who very well may make Olympic history by being the first woman to compete in three different sports (she’s already done swimming and triathlon and just had to learn three more for her current forte).

Taormina, 38, finished 11th on Monday in the modern heptathlon (fencing, riding, shooting, swimming and running) at the Pan American Games.

Funny how they only mention five of the sports associated with “heptathlon.” To be fair, they just reprinted an AP article that USA Today also ran with, who should have known better, having printed this article just a few days before.

Both mention Eli, because he’s the one who convinced this superwoman to become a “heptathlete.”

The article also mentions two Cubans who up and walked away from the PanAm Games, “paid up with U.S. bills,” according to Fidel Castro. Or maybe there were seven of them. Who knows.

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed.” ~Mark Twain

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