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Today I went to a Mesa Airlines open interview thing. I considered it highly unlikely that they’d be interested in me, given my very low multi-engine time. Four people showed up, and one of them didn’t even have an instrument rating! (He wasn’t seriously applying, just wanted to find out about the company.) I had twice the total time of the other two guys, but they had twice the mutli-engine time. After a short written test, then a short interview, we were offered conditional employment. The condition being we pass FBI background checks, and the chief pilot signs off on us. The thing that seemed to worry the interviewer the most? The fact that I have 6 speeding tickets. This strikes me as absurd, but apparently demonstrates that I’m a lawless, dangerous person. Which is silly. I’ve never broken an FAA regulation, ever. Anyway, I think it’ll be a couple weeks before I find out for sure, then I’d have to wait on a class date. I was initially excited about Mesa because I thought I could be Denver based, but they’re only hiring for Jets right now, and there are no jets in Denver. So, good side is– I’d be flying jets if I get it. Down side is– I’ll likely be flying out of either Chicago or New York, which is a long drive to work:) No, I wouldn’t move, at least not while it means making Joanna quit her job that pays twice what I’d be making.

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