Before you get excited: don’t. I’m hesitant to even mention this for fear of a billion requests where I have to explain to each of you, individually, that this isn’t a good deal.

Here’s some sample fares:

PHX – ORD: $45.50
DEN – HNL: $115.59
IAD-KOA via LAX: $176.00
IAD – FRA (roundtrip): $370.40
*one-way unless otherwise indicated, including current applicable taxes

It’s per-mile. They’re available first-come, first-serve. They don’t fly to Mobile. Or Pensacola. They closest they get to Mobile is either New Orleans or Atlanta. They do fly to Seattle. And Denver. And Colorado Springs. And, you know, Casper, WY and Montrose, CO.

The United route map is available on the united website.

I do still have U.S. Airways buddy passes available, but I’m hesitant to give them out because they’re so stupidly overpriced, and all their planes seem packed. You could generally buy a guaranteed seat for about the same prices

A sample price:

MOB-SEA roundtrip (through CLT) is $196.40.
PHX-LGW roundtrip is $538.67

So, yeah, if you want overpriced standby travel on United or US Airways, let me know, and I’ll figure out if it’s possible. Standby means that you only get to go if there’s a seat available. So you’re probably better off buying a ticket. Or driving. Or swimming.

But if you’ve found out that U.S. Airways or United goes where you want to go, and compared the rough idea of the pricees to what a real ticket would cost and are still interested, send me an e-mail and I’ll look up the specific prices for you.

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