Mesa Buddy Passes

by Berck

I also have COMPLETELY FREE buddy passes available on Mesa flights only. And only Mesa flights operated as U.S. Airways. Which means flights to podunk towns from PHX and a few from CLT. You can look on the Mesa site at our route map, but it’s really old, and the only things the buddy passes are good for are the red lines. If you’re thinking about a flight to a podunk place out of CLT or PHX and want to know if Mesa does it, just punch it into U.S. Airways like you’re buying a ticket and it’ll tell you who the flight is operated by. If it says Mesa, you can ride for free if there’s an empty seat. If it says anything else (like PSA) you can’t.

The buddy passes are no longer good on United Express Mesa flights or Freedom flights.

(And, Sarah, I checked: Mesa does not go into Mobile, only PSA)

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