Furlough Imminent

by Berck

I just got an e-mail from my employer that states they are furloughing another 250 pilots by January 2010. This would most certainly include me, though it’ll probably take them several months to get to me because of the amount of retraining that they’ll need to do.

The e-mail states they’ve done everything possible to reduce the number of pilots that they need to furlough, but this is obviously a load of crap. They state that they didn’t get enough response to their voluntarily time off without pay program, but I know MANY pilots who put in for that program and were denied. They could also spread the amount of flying around far better than they’re currently doing, but they claim they don’t want to do that because “it would cause the pilot group to complain.” Obviously, but we’re not going to complain about losing our jobs?

What a load of crap. With something insane like 10,000 airline pilots currently out of work, chances of my being able to find a job flying anything anywhere are not good.

3 Responses to “Furlough Imminent”

  1. Ben Says:


  2. jim Says:

    Is ALPA doing anything?

  3. Berck Says:

    Other than taking 2% of my paycheck? No.

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