I’m sitting in the library, struggling with my calculus, and my Mom calls. I don’t answer, because I’m in the library, but instead send her a text back saying I can’t talk right now because I’m in the library. It seems that she and Sydney are on the road to Atlanta and are having car problems. Considering that Mom drives a Toyota Prius, I found it unlikely that there was actually anything wrong.

Me: I’m in the library, can’t talk on the phone. 2:09 PM
Cynthia: Ok will you be out anytime soon? 2:10 PM
Me: well. I was planning on working on calculus until my class. If you really need me, I suppose I can pack up and leave the library and call you back. 2:11 PM
Cynthia: Well…here’s the thing..not sure if you can help 2:13 PM
Cynthia: The engine makes a wierd sound when syd let’s off acceleratosort if like its is downshifting 2:14 PM
Me: You have the car in the wrong mode. You’re in “B” not “D” 2:14 PM
Cynthia: There are no warning lots on 2:14 PM
Cynthia: The cruise control won’t stay on 2:15 PM
Me: Shift into “D”. 2:15 PM
Cynthia: If she decelerates slowly there does not seem to be any sound… 2:16 PM
Cynthia: Just wierd 2:16 PM
Me: SHIFT INTO D!!! 2:17 PM
Cynthia: Oh we are in B! How? Can she shift to D at 78 mph? 2:17 PM
Me: You’re in “B” because she shifted there, because she doesn’t know how to drive a Prius. Yes, she can shift into D and back to B at any speed. 2:18 PM
Cynthia: You are a genius 2:18 PM
Me: Glad I could help. 2:19 PM

Oh, and this is not a new car. Mom’s had the car for the better part of a decade, and Sydney’s driven it thousands of miles…

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