A Good Day

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We had a Good Day yesterday. I made biscuits for breakfast. We went for frozen custard at Rusty’s, then took the long way home, exploring a good bit of southern Oklahoma. The weather was beautiful, perfect for driving with the top down. We passed through several of the little towns Berck flies to.

One of the little towns along our way was Maysville, which doesn’t have an airport but does have an aviation theme about it. There’s a diner with a plane tail sticking out of the roof. This is because Maysville is the home of Wiley Post, who seems to be the most famous Oklahoman in the world, barring Will Rogers; the two men died together.

Otherwise, Maysville doesn’t have much to offer. As we approached the center of town, the street signs proceeded as follows:

1st ST

I guess Maysville couldn’t afford congruent street signage.

Main looked very much like an alley, the next street being far more main (and a state highway).

We turned east onto it, then back north when we got to Lindsey, which is big enough to support a McDonalds. Speeding along, we passed one mobile home with a man outside practicing lassoing a sawhorse. “Well,” Berck remarked, “I guess you can’t get any more stereotypical than that.”

Actual Fact: Wiley Post was the first man to fly around the world solo. He also developed the first pressure suit for high altitude flying, using it to reach a record of 50,000 feet and discovering the jet stream.

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  1. Berck Avatar

    You left out the kite flying… We even caused a traffic jam with people slowing down and/or stopping to watching us fly. I think there were about 5 cars lined up and stopped at one point.

  2. Nathan Avatar

    Cool… Yeah that happens.

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