Workstudy Permit

by Jonah

Stephen made a point about no true altruism existing in the world last
night in the B&N parking lot. I pulled my wallet out of my back pocket
and pulled out a dollar bill and handed it to him. Neither he nor Karen
would take it, but Cris Hyatt did. Then she tried to give it back to me,
but I wouldn’t take it.

I’m entirely too generous. I leave large tips wherever I go. Last night
my bill for my tea and the cheese fries I split with Hyatt was $4
something, but I left a two dollar tip. I guess I’m trying to make up
for giving the waitresses a hard time. Flame was complaining about being
out of coffee, so Maynard said we’d say something about it. At that
point I yelled rather loudly, “More coffee!” “I thought we’d wait till
she came BACK,” said Maynard, “But oh well.”

I’m up at the computer lab at school, BTW. I carefully read the new
signs tacked up about how EVERYONE using the lab has to sign in and then
went straight back to the room with the internet connection without
signing anything. The work studies at the front desk never tell anyone
to sign in unless they want to give them a hard time. And I’m a senior.
I’m invincible. Most of the work studies are little freshmen and
sophomores who haven’t learned that they can make a pile more money
elsewhere than the lab.

I get asked if I’m a workstudy up here in the lab, which is hilarious,
since I know very little about IBMs. I actually know a heck of a lot
more than I did when I started hanging around the lab (like how to
restart the computer, although that doesn’t take much knowledge, just
confidence that you won’t get into trouble doing it). I was talking to
Hedge in the lab on Tuesday, and a chick in there asked me, “Are you a
workstudy?” “No,” I replied, “But I play one on TV.” Hedge started
laughing at the thought of me being a workstudy, and then it took some
convincing that i WASN’T one. “You aren’t Hilda?” asked the girl.
Funny, Nathan called me Hildegard once. In the lab, I think.

I feel like a Josta, but I’ve got an hour car ride to the gulf shores in
a few minutes. I’m riding with Hyatt and Robyn and probably someone
else. Cris said last night, “You know, you have to go to the spring
banquet.” That set me off glumly saying, “I have to go to the spring
banquet,” all night. Till Karen called us bizarre.

Cris suggested we resign as SGA officers and leave Robyn (the secretary
of the senior class) to plan the spring banquet herself. I thought that
was incredibly humorous. Stephen called me a worthless human being for
saying I was going to be doing homework instead of going to the spring
banquet with the guy who asked me my freshman year.

Well, I best make my way over to the dorms. I may go out with Hedge and
company when I get back on Sat. They’re going to this Thai restaurant, I
think. I’ve never really had the Indian food experience.

Don’t get caught between the disgruntled letter carrier and the press.

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