augh. Sick… I’ve been up for about half an hour or so. Took a shower
and got on here. Now I think I’ll go back to bed.

Last night was bad. I finally got up and emptied the contents of my
stomach around 4. There was a lot there from 8 the night before, which
my mom took to mean a stomach virus. I’m pretty sure it’s the flu.
Coldy with headache and vomiting. I dozed in the easy chair downstairs,
threw up again an hour later. Then when everyone else got up, I was
banished to my room. Mom changed my sheets and piled up a bunch of
pillows on my bed. Dry heaves sent me to the bathroom again. I napped a
lot all day, calling the school to leave notes for my professors that I
was sick. I called the theater dept since we had rehearsal today. Tracy
answered the phone. I told her I was sick. She burst out laughing and
then Elizabeth took the phone from her. “What? You’re sick? Ha ha!”
She laughed too and said, “Now you know how i feel. You deserve it.”
Then she said she was sorry I was sick before accidentally hanging up on me.

I called back, and Stephen answered the phone. He asked if perhaps it
was God punishing me. I said I thought about it, but if that were the
case, I should be sick all the time.

Becky Lindquist called later to see if I wanted the last ticket to Joseph
and the Amazing Color Dreamcoat. I did. I’ll go with the theater majors
and minors on Thurs, skipping my sculpture class YET AGAIN. Oh well. I
just have to have the horse done by the 11th.

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