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My hair is green.
It’s not usually green, of course. It’s just sprayed green now for my part of Emerald City Denizen #1 in my school’s production of _The Wizard of Oz_. The director told me, “I’d dare you to go to school like that, but I know you would!”
I did, actually. Yesterday, I went straight from the performance to school, having removed only my costume and makeup (and redonning my street clothes, of course). Dr. Garner, the straight-laced dean of humanities or something like that, looked up, caught sight of me and my emerald noggin as I entered the professor office area, and demanded, “Can I help you?” No, I justneeded to drop something off. As I left, I heard her ask Dr. Allums, my English professor, a question and him answering, “…she’s in the Wizard of Oz…”
Today, the person fooling with my hair put it into Princess Leah buns. So I have greenbubbles on the sides of my head. It looks really stupid out of costume. But that hasn’t stopped me from going places like that.
It’s been green for three days now. One more to go, and then I can have normal, nice, brown hair again.

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