Anger or Insanity

by Jonah

I just discovered that I’d make a lousy private eye, or any kind of spy
for that matter.

I nailed all my lines except one today during rehearsal (not counting me
few tag lines at the very end of the show), which was very good. I
sucked yesterday, and the two guys who are in that scene were getting
ticked at me. But today, they made more mistakes than I did, which made
me feel better. During rehearsal, while I was waiting around till the
last scene, Andy Watson looked at me from behind the glass door where he
was talking on the phone and said into it, “Joanna’s here, want to talk
to her?” It was Jeremy calling the 800 number to the school to talk to
the people in the theater dept. It was really great to talk to him
again. He’s coming down to see the student performance on the 13th,
which will be cool. I almost told him I sorta kinda missed him. But
instead I handed the phone to Elizabeth.

I have an SGA meeting tonight, which sucks, because we had one last
week. But, we don’t have one NEXT week because of Fat Tu… er,
President’s Day holiday. I guess I’ll have to be here anyway for
rehearsal, but at least I won’t have to get up. I didn’t go to bed till
after 3 last night.. silly me. Got on AOL to get my mail and got paged
by Elizabeth and Karen. They were talking to “steve” this guy in
Delaware, Karen’s “man.” Liz signed off about 2, but I kept talking to
steve. I dunno, that was interesting. He likes to camp, he’s in the
army, and he’s perfectly normal. He kept asking me if I was a guy. so I
gave him the address of my webpage, and told him to look for the topless
photo. I finally got my brief done when he signed off (it was 4 his

My question for the day is “which is preferable, anger or insanity?”
Then that led to a discussion with Melissa and Tracy about whether you
can know if you’re going insane or not. Melissa chose anger because you
can still control it. Tracy chose insanity because you wouldn’t really
know. I dunno. I’m just having a really sucky week so far. I guess it
could be worse.. it can always be worse…

I guess you never really now how much you’ll miss something until you
don’t have it anymore. And you never realize that you CAN do without it
until it’s gone and you’re forced to vary tactics.

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