by Jonah

Let’s see, I read a bit of Anna today, though not nearly enough. Played Andy at chess backstage instead of reading. I beat him whenever I play white because he’s not used to playing black. We played two games yesterday and two today. We’re 2 and 2. I’m up in the lab till 4 when it closes. Then I suppose I’ll read some more.

I got a 91 on my Con Law test, which is what i was aiming for (considering I didn’t study). But, If i want any room, i guess i really ought to read the cases next time. I HAVE to read the next one because Schaefer assigned me a 2 minute decision on it. Three people did that for the last one, and i fought with them, just because that’s what I do. “There goes Joanna again,” Melissa mumbled in my ear, “throwing wrenches into the machinery.” “Hey, it’s what I do. Makes people think.” “Makes them squirm.” Melissa has decided that we need to buy small stuffed geckos and throw them at people who make stupid comments. Elizabeth just wants to kill them. I don’t really care. I mean, incredibly egotistical as I am, I think everyone’s comments are going to be automatically less intelligent than what I say, so I politely let them say them anyway. Ha ha! Man, I’m so arrogant. It really doesn’t bother me, though…. unless they say something untruthful and then won’t back down when i challenge them.

Yuck, I’ve still got mascara on. I had to go through the whole make up things this morning, and then I’ll have to do it again tonight. I dunno. I wonder if Sunny really DOES enjoy sticking bobbypins into my scalp. We only had one highschool show up today. Theodore. French classes. The other school that didn’t show up was Blount. “The KKK and the G’s.” In our pre-scene argument offstage (“I won’t!” “Oh yes you will!”) Paul said he was gonna say “I’ll bitch slap you, ho,” but since Blount didn’t show up, he didn’t. Allums came, however. The whole theater dept. was abuzz. He doesn’t come to plays. He’s not on good terms with the dept. either.

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