Pew (part two)

by Jonah

Well, I showed the letter from the Pew Younger Scholars thingy to Dr.
Schaefer today. He got mad. It was funny. Anyway, when I got home, Ben
gave me a message to call mom on the cell phone. She said that the Pew
Younger people had called saying that their list had Mobile College listed as
an eligible college but not the Unversity of Mobile. Schaefer had evidently
called them to let them know that Mobile College is now UM. So I was still
eligible, but they needed my two letters of recommendation.

I called Schaefer on the phone this afternoon. “I just got off the phone
talking about you AGAIN,” he said. While he was telling them that he had
already mailed the letters of recommendation, he heard someone in the
background on the other end of the line saying, “Oh! here they are.”

So that’s all taken care of. I’m not putting any eggs in that basket. We’ll
see what happens.

Don’t you just love happy endings?


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